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I Love My Dogs, But Not That Much

June 20th, 2008 . by economistmom

My family leaves for a week in Arizona tomorrow.  A few weeks ago I brought up the issue of what I was going to do with my three dogs–whether I might actually put them up in a doggie resort of sorts, such as a place nearby called “Dogtopia.”  A Dogtopia publicity guy even commented on that post, thanking me for putting in a plug for them–and even a link.  (Did he offer me a discount in return, though?…So this time, no easy link…)  One of my (human-childless) budget-expert friends even revealed to me that he brings his doggie children to Dogtopia regularly.

Well, our doggies are not going to Dogtopia, because when I looked into the cost, I realized that if we brought the dogs there, we’d be spending more on lodging on a per capita basis per dog, than per human.   Yes, I’m serious.  I mean, I love my dogs, but I’m not that crazy about them.  I actually think they’ll be happier to stay in our home and our backyard anyway, with our home-from-college neighbor looking after them.  (The other weird thing about these big “dog resort” places is that they’re almost all completely inside big hanger-type, warehouse-style buildings that the dogs must get used to as their indoor and outdoor world… They have fake grass and fake trees so that the dogs will still feel “at home” when they have to pee underneath a roof instead of under the sky…. I mean, how could I pay more per dog for that kind of “scenary” than what we’re paying per human to stay near the red rocks of Sedona?)

Will be writing from the road this coming week, laptop in hand, kids and hubby beside me.

4 Responses to “I Love My Dogs, But Not That Much”

  1. comment number 1 by: Jeff Mathews


    I work in sales for the Dogtopia business and have the pleasure of explaining our business to those that are interested. I saw your post the last go around and also Alex’s response (Alex is is a she) and I thought I’d comment this time.

    I fully agree that Dogtopia is NOT for everybody…however…in all fairness the scene you described in your story above is no where near an accurate description of Dogtopia….

    No big hanger style buildings, no warehouse environments, no fake grass, no fake trees, etc…we do however provide a great place for your dog to play with friends in a safe environment, with people that will protect, love, play and pamper your dog…I too would rather visit the red rocks of Sedona than sit in a room full of “friends”…you dog however may disagree.

    I would also be happy to arrange several free passes for your previous “plug” and you can experience Dogtopia first hand.

    All things considered, Dogtopia provides an excellent business for the “right” person…it just may not be you.

    Thank you again for the initial mention and “Happy Blogging”…

    Jeff Mathews
    Director of Franchise Development
    877.757.1445 ext. 225

  2. comment number 2 by: economistmom

    Sorry, Jeff… didn’t mean to sound as if I held a grudge against Dogtopia or was accusing your place specifically of having the fake grass and fake trees–although I do think the Dogtopia near my place at least is all indoors. Thanks for the offer for free passes. (Maybe we’ll try it out sometime for a day, just for fun, and I can write about how our dogs liked their one-day adventure.)

  3. comment number 3 by: gail

    I have neighbors who leave bored, neglected dogs in their yards to create their own entertainment by barking all day. Maybe the problem of dog owners who treat noise pollution as an externality (they’re not home, so they don’t hear it) is addressed by Dogtopia.

  4. comment number 4 by: Jeff Mathews

    Hello Gail,

    Dogtopia will provide an alternate location for the barking…but bark they will. In most cases however when they return home they are all “barked out” and thus the owner (and neighbors) are likely quite appreciative…:-)

    Thank you for joining the conversation…