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Women Don’t Vote for Women Because They Are Women

August 30th, 2008 . by economistmom

I just have to echo what Kiki McLean, a Hillary Clinton advisor, says about McCain’s VP choice in today’s Washington Post:

Women don’t vote for women because they are women. Women have high expectations — and have always had to meet them…

The dramatic increase in female voters this year wasn’t just about a woman being on the ballot. It was driven by an intense debate on a broad agenda of bread-and-butter issues and national security…

Yes, and even mid-40s, 20-years-married, working moms of several children don’t vote for mid-40s, 20-years-married, working moms of several children because they’re, you know…

That the choice would be considered a great one, for the reasoning given by Lisa Schiffren, Dan Quayle’s speechwriter (see the same Washington Post article, toward the bottom…I can’t even bring myself to cut and paste for fear someone will think I’m saying that, so you really must go read it), is proof enough that this choice isn’t going to attract any voters who weren’t already supporting McCain’s candidacy…it just gives people like Dan Quayle’s speechwriter something (shallow) to be “giddy” about.

Geez– please don’t insult the intelligence of middle-aged working mothers that way!

***UPDATE, 9/1:  I am stunned… I just read the news about Sarah Palin’s announcement that her 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant.  (And that this was announced to “rebut the rumor” that the daughter was actually the mom of Sarah Palin’s infant son?!!…)  That would make Palin a 44-year-old grandmother, as well as mom of a Down’s syndrome infant, as well as mom to four other kids (one who is serving in Iraq), by inauguration day.  As a working mom with far less on my plate who nonetheless made the choice to leave the demands of a Capitol Hill job, I honestly don’t know how Palin can possibly handle being VP–let alone being ready to step into the presidency at a moment’s notice–unless she’s really not going to be there very much for a family that obviously needs her. 

I wonder…Is this the kind of role model Dan Quayle’s speechwriter, Lisa Schiffren, really wants for her daughters (and for herself)?  (I guess I’ll need to go visit the momblog on about this…)***

***and UPDATE #2 (9/3):  see what “TrueNorthMom“, Erin Kirkland–another working mom from the Working Mother blog, but one from ALASKA–has to say about Sarah Palin as the Republican’s VP nominee.***

14 Responses to “Women Don’t Vote for Women Because They Are Women”

  1. comment number 1 by: Rebecca Wilder

    I understand the need to rationalize our (I am a woman) voting for women - it can’t possibly be that we are not smart enough to understand the issues at hand and vote intelligently. However, I heard a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting just that. NPR told many stories of older women that were voting for Hillary just because she is a woman.

    It is likely that older voters (perhaps the ones that were alive during the women’s suffrage movements in the 1920’s) do vote for women because they are women.

  2. comment number 2 by: Patrick R. Sullivan

    ‘…this choice isn’t going to attract any voters who weren’t already supporting McCain’s candidacy.’

    Boy, are you ever in for a shock. I heard Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh yesterday–two non-McCainiacs–and they both were ecstatic.

    Palin locks up the evangelical vote for McCain, the Doctor Dobson Demographic. She’s perfect for the Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan voters who didn’t vote for Obama in the primary.

    And, she puts Washington and Oregon in play for the Republicans. If Palin will campaign with Dino Rossi in his rematch with Christine Gregoire–a race he almost surely won before the King County Elections Commission stole it for Gregoire by a hundred votes on the third count–he’ll be the next Governor of Washington.

    Her introductory speech was brilliant. She calmly, sweetly, openly told us who she was, and what she’d accomplished in her life. In stark contrast to International Man of Mystery Obama. Halfway through it I thought to myself; I’ve learned more about who she is in five minutes than I learned by reading one of Barack’s autobiographies.

    She isn’t afraid to talk about how she confronted Stevens and Murkowski in Alaska. Why doesn’t Obama tell us what he accomplished as Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge?

  3. comment number 3 by: economistmom

    Patrick: what, were the conservative evangelicals going to choose Obama over McCain? And I don’t know why you think she would make a difference with the midwest working-class voters who didn’t support Obama in the primaries because they supported Clinton–unless many of them were only supporting Clinton because she’s a woman.

  4. comment number 4 by: Patrick R. Sullivan

    They used to be known as Reagan Democrats, Mom.

    James Dobson had promised not to vote for McCain, now he’s apparently going for the girl governor next door. Anyway, these Hillary supporters don’t seem to have gotten your message:


    MaryinOregon ….

    The thunderous sound of running feet is not your imagination! It is the sound of all the women Senator Obama,his campaign,Cnn,MSNBC and the Democrat Party threw aside in the name of change.In spite of what you may have heard, we are still angry.And it is NOT all about Hillary.It is about sexism,caucus fraud,and the disappearance of Democracy in this Party.The roll call vote was a fraud,the convention an embarassing spectacle of excess.I will proudly vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.I can hardly wait for her to tear Biden a new one.And the very fact that the Obama camp makes disparraging comments about her,only shows the maturity level we all know he and his followers have.McCain congratulates him on his choice of Biden,Obama slams McCain and her.Real adult Barack.And this will be why you will not live in the White House any time soon.

  5. comment number 5 by: Patrick R. Sullivan

    How does that line go about a woman scorned?

    Another entry from the Hillary forum linked to above:

    Our house is rocking on it’s foundation! We are doing cheering laps around the living room. I kissed Johnnie’s face on our big screen TV. I called the McCain headquarters and said “God Bless John McCain and God Bless the Republican Party!”

    This is a joyful day in our history. Our debt of gratitude is to Hillary Rodham Clinton, 18 million prayers, without which none of this would be possible.

    Tears of joy
    Tears of joy

    My husband said, “Honey, YOU did it!” And I realized, he was right. That the people like US did do it. We showed that we would not back down. We made John’s choice for him. And he listened. But the person to whom we owe the greatest debt:


  6. comment number 6 by: pgl

    Patrick R. Sullivan - champion of woman’s rights? I don’t think so.

  7. comment number 7 by: pgl

    Shall we compare this HRC blog to Patrick Sullivan’s blog? The latter only allows comments from team members aka fellow rightwingers - to which Patrick has apparently gotten none as for all his posts, he has had zero comments. The blog he mentions seems to be more open and attracts a lot of comments including that one from Mary from Oregon. Now Mary may be a fellow GOP operative like Patrick (yes - Mark Thoma outed Patrick a long time ago). Patrick finds one or two comments over at the HRC blog of people who say they like Hillary and will not vote for McCain. Rightwing troll quality research at its finest!

  8. comment number 8 by: Patrick R. Sullivan

    Lost your teddy bear again, pgl?

  9. comment number 9 by: Helaine

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The “Right” may be ecstatic about Palin, but it has also prompted this lukewarm Obama supporter to finally send him $$$ and galvanized me into taking action. I hope there are others like me out there - a “silent majority,” if you will.

  10. comment number 10 by: angie

    i would like permission to post your blog on my blog… you are so right on!!

  11. comment number 11 by: Unsympathetic

    Keep trolling, PRS - the adults will discuss the issues while you throw out vitriol-filled solipsistic strawmen. You’re accomplishing nothing other than pushing towards the Democratic party those who were once simply ambivalent fence-sitters.. like, for instance, me. I’m actually registered as Republican.. but those days are over!

    In this thread we’ve got 2 motivated Democrats who weren’t there before, and 0 new republicons.

    PRS, please keep posting. You’re the best recruiter a Democrat could ever have!

  12. comment number 12 by: Unsympathetic

    Here’s my take on why Palin was picked -

    She’s only on the team for the election. After the election, if he can win, she’ll resign to “take care of her family” .. and McCain will pick Lieberman, who he actually wants. Why? It’s easier to get the VP confirmation through Congress than past the general election.

  13. comment number 13 by: Trish44

    OMG Unsympatheitc, had not considered THAT ploy..Was thinking along lines that perhaps McC realized O/B was really the best team for USA needs at this time and fed up with being jerked around within his OWN party, thought maybe he went along with this Palin gal who was obviously selected by others for he had but met her 1 time before, but perhaps he figured he would get in ALL faces –is know for being a bit of a “prankster/jokster of sorts…) That by picking this righteous rightie feminsta gun toter/creationist/etc/etc well, if WE THE PEOPLE HVE NOT learned our lessons in these bushlerized years and all their shanighans, well we deserve nothing less than he and she at the helm to helm us further !! I thought perhaps he was taunting US, the people into waking up and getting off our collective butts and getting out to vote cuz this election does really , REALLY matter…but now , well Unsympathetic, your premise makes sense too as he really , REALLY wants that CIC title. WOuld not be the first VP to “resign” from selection or even after being elected. Makes for an mmm’er to ponder further but will take time to send some $$ to the O camp asap and hsutle a bit more around the water cooler too !!!

  14. comment number 14 by: Kim G.

    Count me as the 3rd fence-sitter who has been pushed to O’Bama/Biden by the arrogance of the Republicans laughing at issues that matter to me (environment, largely) AND assuming that I’m so stupid that they have my vote because they’ve put a woman on the ticket! My own DAD, who should damn well know me better, called me and said that McCain made it “easy for people like me,” who lost out on a Hillary nomination. You can bet I tore HIM a new one!! I cannot give my vote to a party that laughs at me, nor can I give my vote to a man who’s had cancer 4 times and whose life expectancy is dwindling by the moment! Gads! What if he died BEFORE Palin could resign?? Now that would truly be scary! He might have had my vote if he had chosen Leiberman…until they laughed at me and assumed me stupid, that is! I think either McCain, O’Bama or Biden could make reasonably good presidents…Palin? Not so much! And yes, if you haven’t figured it out, I AM a woman! And I WOULD have voted for Hillary, without question. She’s got balls of steel and has handled herself with class in some mighty tough situations, and she’s raised a daughter who almost never fails to impress. And Bill as First Dude would have been entertaining as hell!