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February 18th, 2009 . by economistmom

Have you checked out where your (children’s) tax dollars are going?

(CNN) — In keeping with President Obama’s pledge of an administration that is “transparent and accountable,” the White House has launched a site that promises to show taxpayers where their stimulus-package dollars are being spent.

The site,, allows visitors to track efforts to jump-start a teetering economy in the midst of a slumping housing market and massive job losses.

It breaks down the $787 billion package by category: $288 billion for tax relief, $59 billion for health care, and so on. The site promises that more detailed spending information will be posted once federal agencies decide how they are going to allocate the money…

(I’ve added this to my “Sites I Like” list.)

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  1. comment number 1 by: B Davis

    Have you checked out where your (children’s) tax dollars are going?

    Yes, since the $787 billion package contains tax cuts, you can’t really say that it shows where our tax dollars are going. It shows where our borrowed dollars are going! Still, the site does do a good job of showing the broad provisions of the package. Hopefully, it will start to show more detail as promised and do so in a way that can be easily scrutinized by the public. I’ve noticed that some government sites present data in a format that’s easy to manipulate (such as downloadable spreadsheets) while others present it in a much less accessible format (such as a series of disjointed tables). Hopefully, will strive for the former. I think that making the package as open to public scrutiny as possible will be a big help in making it as productive as possible. Until then, I did find a summary of the provisions of the package at this link.