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Going to the Movies (IOUSA) Tonight

April 24th, 2009 . by economistmom

IOUSA is playing at “Filmfest DC” this evening (Friday, 4/24, 6:30 pm).  (That’s the 30-minute version above.)  Stan Collender already promoted it on Capital Gains and Games earlier this week, and he’ll be moderating the post-movie discussion which will feature my boss, Bob Bixby (The Concord Coalition’s executive director), one of the “stars” of the movie.  I’m just going to be there to cheer the guys on and to enjoy a good movie (yes, for the ump-teenth time) with friends.  DC-area folks, please come join us!  I know it’s true you can rent the movie on Netflix these days, or even buy your own DVD on for just $17.49 (what a great price!), but (most of) you won’t get me or Bob or Stan in your living rooms as you watch it that way.  ;)

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