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Welcoming Donald Marron to the EconoBlogosphere

May 30th, 2009 . by economistmom

Donald Marron is a smart economist who has worked for the Congressional Budget Office, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, and the Joint Economic Committee–places I’ve worked as well–but Donald held higher positions in all three offices (he was “director” or “member” in all these places, not just a peon economist).  We even worked for the JEC at the same time, although Donald was on the “other side.”  We still always got along.  Having recently left the CEA (because it was the “other side’s CEA”), Donald’s just started his own blog, which I highly recommend and am adding to my Blogroll.  If you read Donald’s “About Donald” page, you’ll learn that what differentiates Donald from me is far more about the differences in our personal lives than differences in our professional experiences or opinions.  You see, Donald doesn’t have kids, and his personal travel blog (really fascinating to me!) illustrates the tradeoffs that allows in what I’m guessing is an overall budget constraint pretty similar to mine.  Wow–economists really do have lives beyond economics, even when they don’t have “just kids” keeping them busy!

Oh, and another connection that Donald doesn’t mention on his blog:  Donald’s dad, Donald B. Marron (Sr.?), serves on the Concord Coalition’s Board of Directors.

Welcome to the EconoBlogosphere, Donald!

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