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Comments Will Have to “Queue Up” Today–Sorry

September 16th, 2009 . by economistmom

(***UPDATE Friday: My spam blocker is showing a little more life now, so I’m cautiously going to open up unmoderated comments today and just keep checking often. Keeping fingers crossed.)

I’ve been bombarded with spam comments (I mean real spam not just comments that are critical of me!) over the past couple days–so much so that until I figure out the problem, I want to hold all comments in a queue for me to review before they are published on the site.  That will mean (if the moderation queue works properly) that your legitimate comments will not appear right away but only once I can sit down with my laptop and internet connection and “approve” them.

My being out of town for the next day means there will be a longer wait in the comments queue than I would ideally like to make you sit through.  Perhaps when I’m back at the office I can open it up again and just swat away the spam as soon as I catch it.  But ideally I will figure out how to more permanently fix it (or it will magically fix itself)–to get my automatic spam blocker to “reconnect” with my site again.  I appreciate your patience.

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