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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th, 2009 . by economistmom

Happy Thanksgiving!  As I get ready for a happy day full of cooking and catching up with my kids (human and canine!), I went back to my post last Thanksgiving (“Giving Thanks”) and realize that the big things in life that I was so grateful for last year I am still lucky enough to have in my life this year:  my family, my friends, my “work”–all of which continue to give me profound joy.  There have been some big changes and new challenges, but fundamentally, I am blessed.

A special thanks to you readers who have been so supportive, enthusiastic, and encouraging of me throughout the past year–whether it be dealing with an internet hack attack on my site, personal attacks of my integrity from not-so-sweet readers, or kudos from the Wall Street Journal.  I still “engineer” and “pilot” this blog on my own as a complete novice, so this ride has always been a bumpy one, but I still LOVE it.  It’s starting to open up new opportunities for me that I am so grateful for, if only I could get my butt into gear and seize them (before they disappear)–so I already know what one of my New Year’s resolutions will be.

Just for fun, I post above the video of the President doing his “official duty” of pardoning the White House turkey.  Apparently this year he pardoned an unprecedented two turkeys (urged by his daughters), but what I find even more amusing is that one of the turkeys he pardoned is named “Courage”–so I guess you could say he’s bailing out [on?] Courage and sending it to Disneyland (literally).  Chuckle…

Hopefully the President will keep at least little Courage on the homefront though.  He’s got a lot to tackle over the next year with the economy still struggling and a lot of huge fiscal policy issues to resolve–as the President spoke of this morning in a special Thanksgiving edition of his weekly address.

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