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It’s Alice’s Last Day at the CEA

December 31st, 2009 . by economistmom

Today’s Alice Williams’ last day working at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. Alice is retiring after 51 years of federal government service!  David Wessel posted a nice Wall Street Journal blog about Alice’s retirement and the party thrown for her (which was pretty amazing to attend with all those CEA chairs and staff who had spanned all those decades of Alice’s tenure). I had the privilege to work with Alice for just one year at the end of the Clinton Administration, but the good fortune to know her and “soak in” her wonderful personality ever since.  She is truly an inspiration and honestly a better role model for me than any economist has been–well, with the possible exception of another “Alice” (Rivlin).  What I’ve always loved about Alice Williams was how she both works hard and plays (dances!) hard and does both so capably and with such joy.  (Check out this Washingtonian story on ballroom dancing that features Alice…turns out it is easier to “google” Alice via references to dancing vs. references to the CEA.) My fondest memories of Alice will be seeing her donning her sneakers, walking laps around the grand hallways and staircases of the Old Executive Office Building, every lunch hour of every business day, as a way of getting her exercise in while staying close at hand for the “fire fighting.”  Yes, the woman has great legs–besides a great head!  Congratulations, Alice!  (I hope our get-togethers from now on will center around a dance floor whether I come see you dance or you help show me how!)

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  1. comment number 1 by: Sandy Daigle

    Hi Diane!
    What a beautiful tribute to Alice! She was indeed the perfect role model for me and for so many others. We can all learn from her!
    Hope you and your family is well and happy! I’m going to have double knee replacements in March and am SO looking forward to feeling good again! Keep in toiuch with me too if you can.