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On Track with “IOUSA Solutions”

April 6th, 2010 . by economistmom


I was in NYC today, taping the CNN special on the new sequel to IOUSA the movie, called “IOUSA Solutions”–produced again by husband-wife team Patrick Creadon and Christine O’Malley.  I was certainly the least famous person on the studio panel which was comprised of Bill Bradley, Pete Peterson, David Walker, Maya MacGuineas (president of Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget), Amy Holmes (conservative talk radio host), and CNN’s Joe Johns and Jeanne Sahadi.  Christine Romans was the host, and she did a wonderful job.  (She’s expecting son #3 by the way!)  Not sure why I was invited, but it was fun, and I didn’t even feel tempted to kick Amy Holmes under the table, by the way.

The two-hour special is supposed to air on CNN this Saturday at 1 pm EST and Sunday at 3 pm EST, “barring breaking news” as the producer puts it.  I will keep you posted.

The photo is of me with my post-CNN-taping hair and makeup, self-captured on my webcam on my ride back to DC on the Amtrak–that’s the “on track” reference.  I think CNN’s NYC studio does better hair and makeup than their DC studio.  Or maybe I’ve gotten more fond of the very heavy makeup because I realize it really does make one look younger.  My appearance in the CNN studio is quite the contrast to how I look in the actual documentary (where I have maybe one sentence, about the Bush tax cuts, of course), where I had gotten only a few hours sleep the night before and was being interviewed at Concord–where we don’t exactly keep a makeup artist.  Maybe you’ll see what I mean later this week.

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  1. comment number 1 by: j.c.cosgrove

    I listened to the program IOUSA Sunday morniing with Chrustine Roman.As a Canadian peeking in on the American political scene,it was rewarding to llisten to some common sense for a change. I hope you run the program more often for viewing to elected officials ;they need some hellp!