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Economics in Plainer English

February 1st, 2011 . by economistmom

On Tuesday I am part of panel for the Urban Institute’s “First Tuesdays” event, “What Policymakers, The Public, The Press, and Parents Need to Know About Economics…In 90 Minutes or Less.” I’m pretty sure I’m unofficially responsible for the “Parents” part of the billing.  My official assignment is the part about “the bottom line on how government uses your dollars.”  I’m planning on bringing out my usual EconomistMom analogies between the federal budget and a family budget.  Hope you’ll “tune in” for the live webcast, accessible via the link on the event page.

I’m happy I’ll be speaking alongside my friends Donald Marron and Gene Steuerle as Bob Reischauer plays “Oprah,” and I’m also looking forward to meeting the Economist magazine’s Greg Ip.

2 Responses to “Economics in Plainer English”

  1. comment number 1 by: Solomon Kleinsmith

    I normally wouldn’t be able to listen to this on a Tuesday… but work just got called off because of an ice storm. I wish more people in power used such common sensical metaphors and… well… actually gave a rats ass about our debt. Will be listening.

    Solomon Kleinsmith
    Rise of the Center

  2. comment number 2 by: Jim

    Thanks for letting us know about this panel. I listened live and enjoyed the enitire presentation. The frank discussion about how the same words and terms can have vastly different meanings is something that needs to more widely heard and understood.

    And Diane - trust that some of your checkout bargains are on your childrens gift cards and not yours [the illusion of free is 'priceless'].